About us

About Us


Our aim is to put a bigger smile into the home of every pet owner

You already have a happy home because you have a much-loved pet or pets, right?  We want to make it even happier because we know that it is concerning if your dog or cat doesn’t like their food or, worse, makes them unhappy due to allergies.

Great tasting food for your dogs and cats should also not cost the earth!  Neither in terms of price and especially not in terms of environmental impact.

This is why we started Pet Footprint.  To sell high quality, delicious pet food for cats and dogs that is great value for money and environmentally sustainable.


Pet Footprint is owned and operated by Passionate About Pet Food Limited.  We are the UK and Ireland importers of the pet food brands Josera and Green Petfood from Germany.


We were convinced about launching Passionate About Pet Food and Pet Footprint after trying Josera dog food for the oldest of our two beloved Labradors, Peppa (yes, she was named after our young children’s favourite pig!).  She had very bad hip dysplasia and a poor prognosis from our vet.  One of our friends in Germany had started working at Josera and had told us what great pet food they made so we managed to buy some and both Peppa and Coco (our younger Lab) have eaten it ever since.  We don’t claim that it is a miracle cure, but Peppa is transformed!  From her back legs wobbling around, failing to stand up without extreme pain, and being on strong painkillers, she is now extremely mobile, off all medication and very happy and perky again!  We were convinced!


So what can I buy from Pet Footprint?

Josera pet food is high quality dry food for dogs and cats with a top price-performance ratio and with a range of recipes to suit all life stages and energy requirements from normal daily requirements to professional nourishment for sports.  (Josera also produce muesli for horses although we don’t yet include this in our range – however, it’s coming soon!)

The range of Josera recipes also provides options for any nutritional requirements and options to overcome all potential allergic reactions.

Josera pet food recipes have a variety of meat and fish protein options to help you find the right food for your pet whatever it’s needs.  Josera is targeted towards pet owners who want to feed their loyal companions food they will love with excellent digestibility and compatibility, whilst ensuring their pet food is as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible.


Green Petfood is extremely high-quality dry dog food with an even greater focus on sustainability – hence it’s name!  Green Petfood recipes include vegetarian dog food and also truly hypoallergenic recipes based on insect protein.  Not only is insect protein hypoallergenic to dogs, it is also exceptionally environmentally friendly compared with a traditional meat-based protein (poultry, cattle, swine).  The amount of greenhouse gases generated and water consumption to produce insect protein is a tiny fraction of those used to produce the equivalent of traditional meat protein.

Green Petfood is targeted towards people with a lifestyle characterised by health consciousness, care and environmental sustainability.


Above all, both Josera and Green Petfood brands communicate honestly, openly and clearly about all aspects of the recipes.  You will not see unfounded marketing claims, just fact and clarity. 

After all, honesty is the best policy we think.


Air Naturel is a sister-brand of Passionate About Pet Food.  Air Naturel is a specialist of appliances that improve indoor air quality.  Indoor air quality is at least 2 - 5 times more polluted than outdoor air and often even worse so it’s important for you and your pet to breathe better air!  Air Naturel sells air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and aroma diffusers which all work in different ways to improve your indoor air. 


Air purifiers are important for improving the indoor air that you and your pets breathe by removing all pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, cigarette smoke, household products (such as sprays), mould, bacteria, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.  They also remove pet hairs and allergens such as pollen and the excrement of dust mites from the air.  This helps humans with dog or cat allergies breathe more easily in your home and they even rid the air of those whiffy dog smells so your home smells much better!


You can click through to the Air Naturel website from the top menu of Pet Footprint home page.


Tell me more about your pet food brands Josera and Green Petfood

Josera started producing animal feeds for agriculture more than 75 years ago and began producing superior quality pet food 30 years ago.  Now owned by the third generation of the same family, Josera is still an independent, family owned company based in Germany. 


Josera holds internationally recognised awards and certifications of the highest standard for ingredients (DLG-Plus certification), manufacturing ethos, environmental concern and best practice (Ecoprofit and Federal Nature Conservation Union prize).  Facts that have contributed to its success in its home market of Germany and with exports throughout Europe and to more than 60 countries worldwide to feed more than 2 million dogs and cats annually.


As an independent company, Josera maintains complete control over sourcing of the highest quality ingredients, supply and production, recipe development and final product.  All production is in Josera’s own ultra-modern “smart-factory” in Kleinheubach, Bavaria, Germany.


Josera uses only the highest quality natural ingredients combined with gentle production (steamed under pressure at 80 - 120°C for less than 1 minute to ensure easy digestion) and very careful drying to prevent the need for any preservatives and to ensure the best flavour and palatability is standard.


Josera also has a large in-house laboratory for quality control of inbound raw materials, during production and, of course, for the finished product.  It is one of the largest and best equipped laboratories in the pet food industry in Europe because it performs such an important role in the quality management into and out of the factories.  No raw material or ingredient is allowed past the entrance gate until random samples have been taken, tested and verified to be of the correct high quality.  As a result, more than 2 million laboratory analyses were carried out from 2011 – 2016 so you, the consumer, and your pet(s) can be 100% confident.


Green Petfood was launched in 2014 as a range orientated towards customers looking for a concrete solution to problems faced by their dog, especially in the case of food intolerances or allergies.  Green Petfood’s special recipes are often the last resort for troubled dogs and their owners.


The use of sustainable, low carbon insect protein enables Green Petfood InsectDog recipes to be truly hypoallergenic.  There is no need for generalised marketing-speak for these products; as dogs have never been exposed to insect protein in their evolutionary past, they cannot be allergic to it.


It’s all in the ingredients

Only high quality ingredients are used in Josera and Green Petfood recipes.  As standard, the following raw materials are NEVER used:

  •          No wheat
  •          No Soy
  •          No genetically modified (GM) ingredients
  •          No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  •          No sugar or dairy ingredients

Wherever possible, local and long-term suppliers of ingredients are used as this supports the regional community and helps to ensure the lowest environmental impact possible.


Sustainability dictates many of the decisions taken by Josera and Green Petfood; they are pioneer thinkers and doers when it comes to sustainability.  For example, the huge warehouse is constructed from locally sourced wood instead of steel because it’s a more environmentally sustainable means of construction.  The large railway facility next to the factory was built specifically to remove more than 5,000 trucks annually from the roads.  All production is 100% powered by certified green electricity.


All Josera and Green Petfood operations are already carbon-neutral across Germany.  By 2020, all Josera and Green Petfood operations and all supplier deliveries will be carbon neutral and by 2025, all export operations globally will be carbon neutral. 


Avoidance of carbon generation is always the best approach, but due to the fact that supplier and customer operations (third parties) cannot be directly influenced by Josera and Green Petfood, “carbon compensation” is necessary which is why an area in Tanzania of 1500km² in the Ntakata Mountains is used for carbon offset.  Taking a “hand in hand” approach with the local community to learn to live with the forest and use it’s resources in a sustainable way, this helps prevent fire clearings and illegal logging together with protecting the largest chimpanzee population in East Africa.


Further to this, through the Josera-founding Erbacher family, 2015 saw the foundation of the Family Cooperation for Food (FCF) to improve the nutritional and lifestyle situation of people in East Africa by support local agricultural enterprises in the development of sustainable and successful business models.


Josera is also a founding partner of the Pet Sustainability Coalition which aims to promote sustainability throughout the pet industry.



If you have any questions at all about anything about us or our brands, please contact us on

[email protected] or call us on 01865 689094.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm.


Best wishes, Simon & Viki