InsectDog hypoallergenic

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InsectDog Hypoallergenic is a complete diet feed for adult dogs with nutrient intolerances.

  • Hypoallergenic, grain-free complete dog food with potatoes and peas for adult dogs with allergies
  • Sustainable insect protein as the sole source of animal protein
  • Valuable fatty acids support healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Climate-positive: first and foremost we avoid all carbon emissions possible by using renewable energy sources. However, through our forest conservation project in Tanzania, we compensate for 125% of any CO2 emissions we cannot avoid such as logistics.

Because insects are a source of protein that is not used very often, our InsectDog Hypoallergen is the solution for adult canines that suffer from a food intolerance. Valuable fatty acids help make for healthy skin and a shiny coat. The grainfree recipe is not only suitable for sensitive pooches, but also for all four-legged pioneers: insects are THE sustainable protein source of the future!



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