Josera Puppy Starter

Brand: Josera
A nutritious and delicious supplementary milk for suckling puppies and for weaning.
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Josera Puppy Starter is supplementary nutrition for puppies, where the mineral and vitamin supply is adapted to the needs of growing, suckling puppies.

Josera Puppy Starter contains a stomach bacterium called Enterococcus faecium to help the pups intestinal bacteria and therefore helping to prevent diarrhoea.

  • Supply for suckling puppies during lactating bitches' milk shortage
  • Ideal for weaning. Supporting puppy adoption from mother's milk to the first solid food. We recommend to start with puppy milk only, and then begin the weaning stage by soaking kibble in the milk, serving as a delicious porridge (mix with FamilyPlus or High Energy)
  • Supports development and balance of the pup's intestinal bacteria to prevent diarrhoea and infections 

Packaging size: 2.5kg


  • Josera Puppy Starter should always be used fresh and with no lumps 
  • Leftovers should be disposed of
  • Younger dogs need more frequent feedings a day but in smaller portions 
  • Josera Puppy Starter should be discontinued after weaning off mother's milk 
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