Trailstone Dog Seat Belt

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The Trailstone Dog Seat Belt is designed to make travelling with the dog in the car safe and fun.

Safety - Your dog travels safely and correctly in the car

User friendly - Easy to fit and travelling with a dog is made easier

Less stress - Your dog is sitting or lying comfortably in the car

Trailstone has uniquely developed their dog seat belt from high-quality seat belt webbing material, making travel comfortable and secure for your dog. The material used is the same material used in seat belts of the most well-known and safest cars and is designed to safely restrain a weight of 3,000kg on impact, but decelerates the body correctly so the body is not crushed.

However, a dog has a different mass and weight distribution to a human and so Trailstone has developed a unique design and stitching pattern that safely restrains and decelerates a dog in the event of a crash, ensuring better chance of survival for your dog and also so it will not harm fellow passengers.

The only dog safety system to be tested at 72km/h!

Trailstone is the only dog safety system to have been successfully tested at 72km/h or 45mph, whereas Euro NCAP rating tests are made using cars propelled to 50 km/h or 31mph

Other benefits of the Trailstone dog seat belt:

The Trailstone seat belt allows your dog a degree of movement to sit or lie down in the car, but it will also prevent your dog from distracting you when driving or running off if the car door is opened or in the event of an accident, thus preventing further accidents.

Your dog can travel safely on the back seat of the car with this seat belt, or depending on whether the back seat is needed, the Trailstone Security Connector allows you to attach the Dog Safety Belt to the top tether point of your ISOFIX system in the boot of a hatchback or estate car. 

The Trailstone Security Connector allows your dog to travel safely and stress-free in the boot of your car, gives the dog stability, and prevents the dog from running away when the boot is opened.

The Trailstone Dog Safety Belt is available in three sizes

Small (for dogs 8 – 15kg): neck circumference 30 - 45cm, waist circumference 45 - 60cm

Medium (for dogs 15 – 25kg): neck circumference 40 - 55cm, waist circumference 60 - 75cm

Large (for dogs 25 – 35kg): neck circumference 50 - 65cm, waist circumference 70 - 85cm

The Trailstone Security Connector is also made from original high-quality seat belt webbing and can be used with all Trailstone Safety Belts.  Suitable for dogs up to 35kg.


Picture of Trailstone Dog Seat Belt Large (for dogs 25-35kg)
Trailstone Dog Seat Belt Large (for dogs 25-35kg)
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Picture of Trailstone Dog Seat Belt Medium (for dogs 15-25kg)
Trailstone Dog Seat Belt Medium (for dogs 15-25kg)
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Picture of Trailstone Dog Seat Belt Small (for dogs 8-15kg)
Trailstone Dog Seat Belt Small (for dogs 8-15kg)
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Picture of Trailstone Security Connector
Trailstone Security Connector
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