VeggieDog Origin

Brand: Green Petfood
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VeggieDog Origin is a complete feed for sensitive adult dogs.

  • Gluten-free complete food with red lentils for sensitive adult dogs
  • 100% vegetarian, 99.99% vegan (contains 0.01% Vitamin D3 from lanolin)
  • Taurine and L-carnitine support the functioning of the heart while valuable antioxidants can combat cell ageing
  • Climate-positive: first and foremost we avoid all carbon emissions possible by using renewable energy sources. However, through our forest conservation project in Tanzania, we compensate for 125% of any CO2 emissions we cannot avoid such as logistics.

Fit as a fiddle all through life: With its vegetarian, glutenfree recipe, VeggieDog Origin provides your adult canine with all essential nutrients. Tasty red lentils provide your pooch with important amino acids. Taurine and L-carnitine are beneficial for your four-legged friend’s heart, and valuable antioxidants can help prevent cell-aging. On top of it all, thanks to VeggieDog Origin, your four-legged friend can help make the world more sustainable every day!


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10kg VeggieDog Origin
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